Why I Made This Film


KATE BOSWORTH: Actor/Producer

Michael Polish and I heard a story on the radio about a sex house busted near our own house. It said there were 44 known sex houses, which of course means there are many more than that. We realized that we didn’t know enough about human and sex trafficking and so we started to do a little bit of research and quickly realized that it’s a global epidemic. People think it’s something that doesn’t affect the U.S., but it’s a tragic, homegrown problem.

Sex trafficking affects the most vulnerable populations - children fleeing poverty-stricken and dangerous countries, those in the foster care system, homeless youth— they’re taken out of an already difficult situation and sold into slavery and sex trafficking. Then when they’re found by the authorities, they’re considered criminals because they’re 'prostitutes.' The traffickers are highly intelligent, it’s not something that couldn’t happen to you, or your daughter, or your friend.