Why I Made This Film


MICHAEL POLISH: Writer/Director/Cinematographer

San Pedro Sula, Honduras is one of the poorest places in Latin America and one the most dangerous places in the world. The problems are exacerbated by organized crime, whose rules prevent residents from safely leaving gang-controlled neighborhoods for jobs in other parts of town. Crime and economic stress have led to the migration of large numbers of unaccompanied minors to the US border, landing in the hands of traffickers willful to profit.

That’s how someone can be sold into human trafficking. Are they asking for it? Absolutely not. They’re just trying to leave their circumstances. They are so desperate that they’re vulnerable - and human trafficking preys on the most vulnerable in our societies.

What I really hope to achieve with this movie is that we can understand the Why, we can understand the How. We can have more empathy for this situation, connect with our humanity, and do something about it.